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FFS Get rid of that stupid "I have something that requires your attention, accessing Raw Music Database" advert thing you have been playing FOR AGES!!! It sounds corny, stupid and I've heard it way too many times. I listen to Raw FM to listen to music, not hear previews of songs you're already playing! Cant stand how repetitive the advertising is on Raw FM, might as well go back to net radio

Sick of the same shit, Canberra

need to get this australia wide on radio, can only listen online :(

salaaad, Mackay

What is that 'know my body' or 'blow my mind' song? It's dubsteppy! I been looking for eva!

Jay, Canberra

can you play scandal- new world order plz

dylan, wagga wagga

... Gives BBC Radio 1 a run for it's money on a Friday night. Milo :-)

Milo, Canberra

gets me up n about on a friday!!! love it!!

jimmy, mmelbourne

Love your station!

Mark, Sydney, NSW

YO! jammin to the beats while getting ready to go see the BATMAN's raining here in Washington DC!

Drew Greeket, Washington DC, USA

The best radio in world! A lesson for São Paulo radios.

Leonardo Nascimento, São Paulo, Brazil

Why is this station not in Newcastle!!?!?!? ..Fine I'll just move to Canberra!

Sam, Newcastle

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