Raw FM Dance Floor Radio. Its the beat.

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Raw FM on your iPhone and iPod touch


Nobody plays more new Dance Music than Raw FM. Whether it's coming to you old-school on FM, via the web, and now on the iPhone, Raw FM is all about keeping the nation on the dance floor... all week long!


The Raw FM app connects you to the RAW DJ box and hooks you up to our super high quality dance music stream, album art and 'now playing' info. The app lets you choose between High Definition 160kbit AAC streaming for Wi-Fi listening... or our Hi-Fi sound, 48kbit AAC+ V2 stream for efficient 25MB per hour data usage when using the 3G network. 


Download the free Raw FM iPhone App and keep us in your pocket for a dance floor radio fix any time you need it.


- State-of-the-art sound quality without using all your data quota.

- Choose between High Definition AAC or Standard Definition AAC+ V2 audio depending on your preference.

- Displays currently-playing and up-next track names with album art.

- Keeps a log of last played tracks during listening session.

- Background streaming option lets you exit the application and listen with QuickTime Player.



Raw FM iApp





*While we don't charge you to download or use this app, Your provider may.. So FYI - This app uses approximately 22MB's per hour when listening to the SD stream.

Download Raw FM Dance Floor Radio for free!



No iPhone?

If you didn't join the iPhone revolution

you can still use your 3G mobile phone to tune into our mobile internet radio stream. more info.

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